Web Development

In today's world every business needs a website but with the myriad of choices to be made it is no surprise that many small businesses do not yet have one. Here at CK tuning we keep things simple, providing jargon free advice about what you actually need from a website and how to get online. We like to provide solutions that are appropriate for you and therefore do not recommend excessive options that you don't need or will never use.

If you already have a website then we can advise how it can be further developed to make it more effective. There's lots we can do but as some examples we can :

> Review site performance and produce a clear summary and recommendations (visitor numbers, most visited pages, conversion rates etc)
> Provide insight into what people actually do when on your site - if there are long pages, do people scroll down to view the content ? Or where on the page do they look and click ?
> Examine the current user experience, providing recommendations for how to improve how people use our website and find information

There's plenty more we can help with big and small, and this could even be just helping you migrate off a free email address like GMail of Yahoo, so get in touch to see how we can help.

Confused or just worried about your choices for a website, then do no worry as we've written a guide to help you understand some of your choices better. You can read it here.