Websites – Making the mryiad of choices easier

Everyone surfs the web and everyone knows their business should have a website yet nearly half of all small businesses do not have a website at all (1). Whilst this may seem surprising it is also unstanderable - with so many choices to be made, details to be agreed and the fear of potential costs, it is understandable that so many people simply do nothing. So here we will attempt to answers some of these concerns, giving an honest view on some of the decisions to be made to help you make the right decision for your business.

Should I use a free website builder ?
There are now lots of places online where you can build your own website. They offer a "quick, simple to use" website builder where you can design and build your own site for a small monthly fee which can, understandably be quite tempting and for some people it is the right choice.
However be careful not to get sucked in by the marketing jargon because for example, it's very easy to quote a large number of users (eg more than 1 million websites use our service). However when you take this in context of the size of the web this becomes around 0.1% of the entire web. Compare this to WordPress who understandably are quite proud of the fact that they power more than 25% of the web (2) and you will understand why we only build sites using WordPress.

Surely I can do it myself ?
It is true you could do it yourself but the important question is actually if that is how you want to spend your time or is it the best use of your time ? Today's world is full of information and ways to learn more, so in simple terms you could learn to do almost anything if you so choose. However do you repair your own car, do your own home plumbing or even your business accounts ? These are tasks you could do but are not where you best spend your time, so why would you want to spend time learning to build a website ?

But a custom website is expensive ?
It's easy to see the monthly prices of self build online tools as cheap and a way to get a site for less. But have you thought about how much this will really cost, not just over one month or even one year but the lifetime of the website ? Even at just a couple of years the costs add up quickly and remember that once you stop paying your monthly fees to a website builder the site is gone.
Like all things, there are cheap and expensive options and we can work with you to best advise how to invest your available budget - we regularly say no to client ideas for their site, knowing sometimes that expensive vanity elements to a site can add notable extra cost but little real value. If you let us know your budget, we can work to that but if it helps to know, we can get you online from as little as £250.

The power and the pain of customisation
The beauty of working with wordpress is that the potential is limitless, with the ability to make massive or minute adjustments to the design a website. However with this great power comes a great responsibility, because this is where developer time can evaporate quickly and build increased costs. So it is important to make concious decisions and to understand what is truely important vs what is nice to have, and from there invest time (and therefore budget) wisely.
We know building a website feels like a big, daunting task for many people but that's why we are different - we work with you to understand your needs without using jargon or technical terms and then we do the hard work for you ! So why not get in touch and start the journey today.


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